Moo mini business cards

I recently read this blog post by John O’Nooland about the Moo mini businesscards. I must say I love the size, as normal cards can be a hassle to carry around, and the opportunity to print several designs in one batch (John does one where he got 100 designs for 100 cards).

So I surfed around a bit on the Moo page and found out they also offer mini stickers, so I had the idea of making mini cards where the design would be showing one of my designs and the my logo would be put on after as a sticker (this post is really to remind myself later).

But as I haven’t actually gotten my hands on one of these cards or stickers yet; I am simply wondering if they would work together so that the sticker could be removed without destroying the print, and still be sticky enough to be put on something else after.


  1. Hello, the stickers are pretty sticky. You could peel them off, but you’d have to take a minute to do it carefully – it’s not a quick n’ easy kinda peel.

    The MiniCards do come with a matte laminate finish though, so the stickers wouldn’t leave a mark, or destroy the print – if they were peeled off carefully.

    Hope that helps a bit.

    • Thank you moo, that helps a lot. Maybe I’ll cut out the back cover on the stickers and glue that on as well.


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